Paris, 06 February 2017 /

After signing a global partnership with EDF, a leading company in the field of photovoltaic energy, NTF-Energy finalizes the acquisition and implementation of two project companies (SPVs) composed of 16 photovoltaic power stations on the roof of agricultural hangars. These plants have a unit power of 100 kWp and are located in the south-eastern quarter of France.

The development of these projects was carried out with uniformity in the structure of the buildings as well as photovoltaic installations. Of the 16 plants, the same panels and the same inverters were installed according to the same electrical configuration. In addition, the inverters are installed in a secure room accessible only to the company that is in charge of the maintenance of the power stations. Finally, a procedure has been launched to make an optimized version of the produc- tivity studies taking into account a better knowledge of the plants. These studies aim to refine the dimensioning approach for future projects in development.

This acquisition allows NTF-Energy to increase its development and thus have an operating portfolio of dozens of photovoltaic power plants. Development of new plants is currently underway with initial implementation in the current year.

These 16 power plants, which are currently in operation, have enabled the company to enrich its business expertise and thus have high-quality references for large-scale projects under study in project management and assistance to the project management. (Eg projects in call for tenders and / or the “Great South” project).

With the acquisition of these two project companies, NTF-Energy has launched the in-house development of a “cloud” -based tool that automates the transfer of monitoring data to our financial management tools. Have better optimization of information flows.