Paris, 30 January 2017 /

Over the last few quarters, NTF-Energy has focused its development, mainly, on the roofing plants of hangars and agricultural buildings with an installed unit power less than 100 kWp. Having expanded its field of expertise by developing twenty small projects, NTF-Energy now wishes to extend its field of expertise.

With this new year that begins NTF-Energy is taking the decision to position itself on the projects in calls for tender to the Commission of Regulation of the Energy.

The procedure for responding to a call for tenders differs from the procedure of private contracts, in particular with regard to the tariff for the purchase of electricity produced. Contrary to the OTC procedure, the purchase price is not fixed, it is at the discretion of the candidate, as long as the latter respects the range defined in the specifications.

There are also other disparities at the technical level. From a general point of view, the technical level of a call for tenders is higher than for a private contract.

This level of technicality obliges us to rigorously choose the projects on which we can work and hope to win the bidding. The team is thus expanded to address this new typology of power stations.