Maurice KHAWAM
Maurice KHAWAMPrésident
Maurice is co-founder and President of NTF –Energy; he is in charge of team and equity building along with business development. Maurice is an engineer, graduate in management (MIT & Harvard). Prior to co-founding NTF-Energy, Maurice started his career in the US with New England Electric, the first operator of New England before joining Oracle Corp. Following a tenure in private equity with Apax and ETF Group, he co-launched NTF Group in 2003 and subsequently focused on energy with NTF-Energy started in 2011.
Christophe CUSSON
Christophe CUSSONDirector of Strategy and Financing
Christophe is Co-founder of NTF-Energy, in charge of debt financing of our portfolio of solar plants. Graduate from the Political Sciences Institute in Paris (Sciences Po), he held several responsibility positions in Investment banks (CIC, IBJ) and was Executive Director of the West LB until 2007. Christophe has a strong understanding of the overall structuring of projects, notably in the energy field. He is in charge of the debt and financial structuring of our PV plants.
Joël IRVINGGeneral Manager US
Joel is in charge of our activity in the US. He brings more than 20 years in real estate and business development expertise including lease negotiations and project management. Joel has launched and implemented our first US solar plants and is currently launching the development of our 2nd phase of projects.
Mickel RAMMOUZDevelopment, Construction and Operations Manager
Mickel is in charge of the relationship with various partners engaged with the company; he manages a technical team that assists him in the development of projects, construction of photovoltaic power plants, acquisition of secondary power plants as well as operation and monitoring of the portfolio. He holds an electrical engineering degree with a specialization in electromechanics from ESIB-St Joseph University, Lebanon and a specialized master’s degree “Expert in Renewable Energy Projects and Production” from ENSAM Arts et Métiers ParisTech.
Maelle HOUETTECheffe de Projet Adjointe
Maelle is involved in the development of our PV plants. Her role includes business development along with secondary acquisitions. Responsibilities further encompass the maintenance and monitoring of the portfolio. Maëlle is completing a master in engineering specializing in environment and energy at the school Leonard de Vinci.
Fatima OUKAL
Fatima OUKAL Administrative and Financial Manager
After obtaining her degree in law, economics and management, Fatima went on to study for a Master’s degree in Finance, specializing in financial engineering She joined the team during the year and is doing her last year of work study alongside the Certified Public Accountant of the company.
Leo MATTIUZZOAssistant Chef de Projet Développement et Exploitation
As a member of the business development and engineering team, Leo works on a variety of technical studies, PV projects and business development. He currently combines work and studies between our company and the Sorbonne University.
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