Paris, 15 November 2010 /

NTF-Energy announces today the development of a monitoring solution on its installations with a power of more than 200kWc. This solution should enable NTF-Energy to manage its power stations over time, while taking into account the heterogeneity of modules and inverters, taking into account technological developments and advances.

A more detailed communication is planned for the EnergaÏa Show.

About NTF-Energy: NTF-Energy is a producer of electricity from solar energy; The company develops the power stations in charge of the project, finances it, manages it and operates it. To do this, NTF-Energy proposes to the owners to rent or to buy their land to exploit it. NTF-Energy selects the land and carries out all the technical, fiscal and legal administrative studies necessary for the feasibility. As soon as the financial profitability is validated, the company assumes the project management of the selected projects. NTF-Energy maintains a voluntary network of partners, technical consultancies, photovoltaic specialists, installers, roofers, carpenters, panel manufacturers, bankers (debt financing), to finance, build and then operate the solar power plant. NTF-Energy brings the necessary funds to the projects it develops, guaranteeing credibility with bank partners.

NTF-Energy is participating in the Energaïa Expo, which will take place from 7th to 11th December 2010 at: Parc des Expositions Montpellier Route de la Foire 34470 Perols. Join us at Hall 7 Stand C 71102.